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Speaking: Communication, Resilience, Stress, Trust and Motivation

Dr. Fader has found that companies and organizations are working to improve communication, build resilience, reduce stress, build trust and motivation. Dr. Fader regularly speaks to professionals in business and other settings on these topics. Taking all the insights and techniques he gained in his many years working as a performance psychologist in the MLB and the NFL, he helps individuals and organizations across business and other sectors to both perform at their best and enjoy their work more.  Dr. Fader enjoys delivering compelling keynotes, workshops and other talks that inspire individuals and teams to improve their performance and overall enjoyment in their work.

Below are a two examples of the types of keynote talks he delivers:

The Rituals of Success

Success comes out of habits. It is birthed out of finely tuned behaviors cultivated over time. The most successful people create a masterpiece of a routine in their lives. A series of small but meaningful activities and habits that lead to massive gains over time. Dr. Jonathan Fader, a performance coach to elite athletes, hedge fund traders, firefighters and performing artists has both taught these routines and learned lessons from those he has taught them to. He has spent his life walking in the shoes of very talented people in communities that are usually closed to outsiders. In his talk he shows how these skills translate into everyday life so that you and your team can also build your own masterpiece in what you do day to day.

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Examples of Rituals of Success

  • Mastering fear so you can take risks and innovate
  • Training your brain to excel under stress
  • Fueling your fire by developing internal motivation
  • Developing Deep Gratitude
  • Learn to embrace challenges (i.e., Looking at a “no” as a step towards a “yes”; Having a “growth mindset”; “Pressure is a privilege”)
  • Enjoyment is an action, not a result
  • Cultivating intimacy and empathy
  • Staying in the moment – What can you do to metabolize setbacks? “Will it refine you or define you?” No pressure, no diamonds. “What’s next?”
  • Practicing kindness

Stories of Rituals of Success

Successful People Fuel Their Fire

When Dr. Fader went to the world series with the New York Mets he witnessed the power of internal motivation, Dr. Fader shares his observations of how teams fueled to have strong internal motivations have the most success. Fader shares how you can use similar techniques to enhance motivation to complete any goal.

Successful People Train Their Brain

The first thing Fader noticed when he moved from baseball to football was how few games are played in the NFL (16) versus in the MLB (162). He quickly realized that he needed to find ways to help players get more practice in. Just like real life, we often only get one shot at an important call, meeting or presentation. While working in football settings, Fader has adapted the robust technique of visualization (also known as imagery or mental reps) to add creative elements of sound effects and crowd noise. This allowed players to “train their brain” everyday. Fader shares how you can use mental practice to train your brain to prepare for each day of work just like a football player would prepare for a game.

Successful People Innovate

Like the military, firefighting tends to be a very traditional community with very few inputs from the outside. Dr. Fader has had the tremendous honor to work with the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). With over 11,000 members it is the largest fire fighting force in the world. Fader shares how this collaboration on the Mental Performance Initiative at the FDNY shed light on how innovation is a necessary ritual for individuals seeking to be their very best. As they say in firefighting and other settings, “Mastery is a moving target”.

Beyond You: The Power of a Great Team

No matter the industry, location or culture we work in, most us function as part of a team. Sports teams know this well and invest time and capital in carefully selecting personnel and developing their chemistry for the world’s biggest competitions. Dr. Fader has been a sport and performance psychologist working with the most elite teams in sports and now in business. Over the past 20 years he has translated all his collaborations in team building in sports and performing arts to business and other organizations. In his highly interactive talk Fader shares practical insights:

  • How teams in sports and in the military use messaging to empower individuals
  • The secrets of unified motivation in powering teams toward success
  • What leaders and supervisors can do to enhance role clarity and acceptance
  • Understanding how teams develop mental strength and flexibility together
  • Secrets of what makes teams more creative
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The talk in itself is a microcosm of the togetherness that people feel in a healthy team. Dr. Fader mixes in powerful exercises to make this talk both fun and memorable. Fader believes that our greatest strength as humans is our ability to collaborate and innovate in a group. His talk reveals the simple methods that any company or organization can use to harness this strength and maximize its potential.

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