Performance Psychology

Sport & Performance Psychology is the science behind how our brains contribute to our successes and failures. It teaches how to attain the high-performance mindset that trains us to perform at our fullest, and it’s a major key to accessing the fundamental skills needed to achieve top-quality results across all walks of life. 

Sport and performance psychologists understand the intricacies of how our environment, teammates, and mental climate can affect performance, and they show us how to maintain confidence, stay motivated, and keep our cool in the face of adversity and under the highest pressure. Those who want to achieve an improved mindset and higher-caliber results—both across the workforce and in their personal lives—have often turned to sport and performance psychology to improve confidence, motivation, concentration and performance in demanding, high-stress situations. 

Fader was formerly the Director of Mental Performance for the New York Giants and for nine seasons he served as the team psychologist for the New York Mets. He is also resource doctor for Major League Baseball’s Rookie Development Program. 

Fader advocates that mental conditioning isn’t just for athletes, and he has adapted these skills to give you the mental edge necessary to become more focused, composed, confident, motivated and resilient, helping you take your game to the next level, on or off the field.

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Led by Dr. Fader, the team of trained professionals at SportsStrata works with athletes of all levels, business people, performing artists, first responders, and more to maximize their potential. We teach skills and techniques proven to increase the characteristics of peak mental performance.

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Life as Sport

In Life as Sport, Fader shares the skills he teaches professional athletes—how to enhance motivation, set productive goals, sharpen routines, manage stress, and clarify thought processes—and teaches you how to apply them to everyday situations. No matter your goal, Fader has the tools to help you get there.

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