Fader is devoted to using high performance psychology to help a wide-range of people succeed across all areas of business and personal development. Fader uses his coaching skills combined with his passion for helping others in order to guide individuals and organizations towards high performance in trading, sales, business development, human resources, entrepreneurship, and other areas of business and finance.

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SportStrata is an organization led by Fader’s team of professionals who work with professional athletes of all levels, business executives, performing artists, first responders, and more to equip individuals and teams with the keys to success and to help them maximize their potential. 

Connected Coaching

In the post-pandemic world, athletes across all sports have lost the opportunity to train, compete, and perform as they normally would. This has been a major disruption not only for these athletes, but for their coaches and staff as well. To help coaches navigate this new terrain, SportStrata developed the Connected Coaching workshop, a series of online, interactive trainings built to support coaches of all levels in developing strategies to help their players thrive when traditional options are sparse.

The greater the level of competition, the greater the need to develop a culture built on trust, communication, and unconditional support. Building on the original Connected Coaching, the Advanced Connected Coaching training uses Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills to boost and fortify team culture. In the advanced training, coaches will learn the technique, theory, style, and spirit of MI, as well as how to adapt it to their athletes and teams. The Advanced Connected Coaching will help you cultivate the environment for a winning mindset and a winning team.