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Exercise: Power Values 2

In this power value exercise, you will identify the underlying values that structure your life. Take a look at the values listed on the attached pages. Decide which ones are the most important to you in relationship to the life goals you are working on. Once you’ve been able to pick three that are the most meaningful to you, cut them out and place them on a table.

These three core motivations are your power values. Once you’ve identified these, ask yourself the following questions about how each of these values is related to your actual goal, like improving your overall fitness or achieving something at work or in your relationship.

  • How did you go about choosing the values that you chose?
  • What makes these values important to you?
  • When you look at the cards you picked, what do you make of them?
  • How does the issue you are trying to improve relate to the values you chose?
  • How did identifying these values affect you?
  • If you didn’t make progress in your goal, how would that impact your value?
  • How would achieving the goal impact your life in relation to your power value?

Download the Power Value sheet 2 here.