Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Adaptive thinking for a changing world.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a combination of two highly effective and well-researched forms of therapy; Cognitive Therapy and Behavioral therapy. Cognitive therapy involves partnering with you therapist to examine the way in which your thoughts affect your feelings. You log your thoughts and evaluate how adaptive they are. Then you work to change your thinking patterns in ways that allow you to minimize unwanted feelings such as performance anxiety and low motivation.

Behavior therapy has several elements. First, you may try to master certain fear provoking situations by confronting them one small step at a time. In this way you may safely lessen the connection between the things you may be afraid of (social situations, panic attacks, public speaking, etc.) and your anxious response. Other techniques of behavioral therapy involve increasing activities that give you pleasure or increase relaxation. Behavioral therapy works to teach techniques that promote anxiety reduction and overall feelings of wellbeing. Dr. Fader believes in using CBT to help individuals take steps to make adjustments to their thoughts and actions that result in positive changes in the way they feel.