3 Ways to Enjoy Your Job More

We all have moments in which we dislike our jobs. Whether we find the work boring, or we are frustrated with our boss, it can be challenging to show up every day with our game face on.

In this Business Insider video, I share the three secret techniques to being able to enjoy your work more, whatever it might be.

CBS This Morning: Sport Fan Health

Being a sports fan is stressful. Avid football fans can experience changes in blood pressure, cortisol and testosterone levels throughout the season. A study indicates fans are more likely to experience cardiac problems when they’re stressed out from cheering on their favorite team.

In this video I speak with Charlie Rose, Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King from CBS about relief from sideline stress and offer tips for fans on how to physically and emotionally disengage once the game is over.

The Science Behind Why Motivational Quotes Motivate You


In this article, Fast Company uncovers why people get so pumped up by motivational quotes. Language, even when condensed to small turns of phrase can have an unbelievable effect on human behavior and state of mind. I talk about the self-coaching process that happens when we read quotes and why some people are more susceptible than others. …continue reading

CNN International: Binge Watching

Does our easy accessibility to endless hours of television increase the risk of adverse health effects? One study suggests that binge watching television is linked to depression.

In this video I stress the necessity of moderation with John Vause from CNN and explain how people are often inclined to escape reality and create social environments via their favorite character-based dramas.