What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a highly effective, well-researched, form of therapy. It is a combination of cognitive therapy, which involves examining how your thoughts influence your feelings, and behavioral therapy, which looks to change behaviors that lead to unwanted outcomes or emotional states. CBT teaches people portable skills for responding to stress and negative emotions in an adaptive and healthy way. CBT is an evidence-based way to help with a multitude of issues, including depression, anxiety, insomnia and phobias.

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3 Ways to Talk Yourself Out of a Bad Mood

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As a clinical psychologist, I often come across what I call the chicken-and-egg dilemma of happiness. It’s the question of what really makes us happy. People often argue whether when we are happy we do happy things or if we are happy because we do things that make us happy. …continue reading

The Secret Of All Self-Help Books

The Secret of All Self-Help Books

What if I told you that I could tell you the secret of many self-help books in this one blog post?

Well here it goes… The most prevalent idea in many self-help books designed to help you change your life is the idea of the Law of Attraction. This law basically says that by directing our thinking to positive thoughts or outcomes we will increase the likelihood of those things coming true.   …continue reading