Meet Fader

For over twenty years, Dr. Jonathan Fader has used performance coaching to help pro athletes, firefighters, and everyday people be better at anything. Fader, as he’s known to friends and fans, offers insights and strategies to lead a meaningful, satisfying life.

Equipped with a PhD in Clinical Psychology and a lifelong passion for helping others, Fader has dedicated himself to elevating human potential. Whether through his work with SportStrata and Union Square Practice, where he counseled the New York Giants and the New York Mets, or as an author, coach, and speaker, Fader uses motivational interviewing, performance training, and cognitive behavioral therapy to unlock the psychology of success.

He’s been profiled in the New York Times, has given a TEDx talk at Rutgers University, and has written the bestselling book Life as Sport. At the heart of everything Fader does are a few simple, yet overlooked truths. With enjoyment comes achievement. Resilience, generosity, and mental clarity can help you overcome any obstacle. And — because human connection and potential are so entwined — we hold the keys to each other’s success. In a world of stress and distraction, we can train our bodies and minds through simple techniques like mental rehearsal, internal motivation, and just remembering to breathe.

Whatever your calling, no matter the obstacle, Fader will help you level up.

And have fun.

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