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For over twenty years, Dr. Jonathan Fader has used performance coaching to help executives, pro athletes, performing artists, first responders, and everyday people be better at anything.

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Even the best of the best needs a coach... Jordan, Rogers, Brady all had a coach...A great coach can remind you of everything that got you to the big league and what it'll take to stay there... Fader is a players coach... A Hall of Fame players coach. Mine.

Jon Bon Jovi Musician, Actor
I have the best team I could imagine. We push the limits of the most fun and engaging consumer products that exist. And, we are propelling a remarkable business that is in the earliest innings of multi-generational growth. It is equal parts pinch-me-I’m-dreaming-exciting and massively anxiety-inducing. To keep it together and maintain a clear perspective, to stay on top of my game and refine myself as a player, to ensure that I am as valuable to my team, our products, and our business as they are to me, I have a coach. I have Coach Fader.

Tom Cortese Peloton Co-Founder
Anybody who applies his methods can reach their peak performance whenever it matters most to them.

Paul DePodesta Chief Strategy Officer, Cleveland Browns

Strategies for Success

Using a number of strategies perfected from counseling high-caliber professional athletes including the New York Giants and Mets, Fader’s skillset is equipped to help you succeed across all areas of your life.

Fader's Initiatives SportStrata

SportStrata is led by Fader’s team of professionals to work with C-suite executives, professional athletes of all levels, performing artists, first responders, and others to equip individuals and teams with the keys to success and to help maximize their potential. 

Fader's Initiatives Union Square Practice

Fader is Co-Founder and Director of Psychology at Union Square Practice, a group comprised of psychologists, psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and therapists who use the latest in mental health science to equip their clients with the tools they need to become the best versions of themselves.

Helping you perform at your personal best

Fader has years of experience working with professionals and can help you perform better through research-driven methods.

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Whatever your calling, no matter the obstacle, Fader will help you level up. And have fun.