Expect More from Yourself—You’ll Get It!

Expect More from Yourself-- You'll Get It

Those of you who read my earlier post on The Law of Attraction are familiar with how our thoughts affect our actions and thus results in life. This post will discuss self-expectancy, which is exactly what it sounds like: our predictions and expectations of our own future performance in a given task. People with high or positive self-expectancy, for example, generally expect that their endeavors will be successful, whereas people with low or negative expectancy are genuinely shocked when anything they do turns out well. …continue reading

Past the Rabbit Hole: Three Tips for Career Transitions

Past the Rabbit Hole

Recently I came across this extraordinary article by Dr. Robert Sternberg on the career crises he’s faced over the course of a long, prosperous career. Seriously, check it out —it’s amazing. I’ll wait…

Ever since I read the article, I’ve continued to reflect on Dr. Sternberg’s words. I think the sheer honesty of his account really struck a chord with me. Make no mistake, it was an extremely gutsy choice on his part to write it. …continue reading

Fox 10: Workplace Bullying

In 2013 chaos ensued when Richie Incognito from the Miami Dolphins was outed as having possibly played in harming a fellow player’s mental health. In light of the event, the prevalence and problem of workplace bullying became a hot topic for discussion.

In this video I talk with Fox about the different forms in which workplace bullying manifests itself and what to do to keep it from escalating.