Should Spieth Have Used This Breathing Technique at Masters?

In this video I sit down with Dagen Mcdowell, Maria Bartiromo and company from Fox Business to discuss training your brain to be prepared for adversity. I explain the vital importance of sticking to routines, positive “self talk” and above all, focusing on your breathing.

What is Mental Toughness?

What Is Mental Toughness

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

We’ve all heard this at some point in our lives. But aside from being a sports movie cliché, it also happens to get at the core of the rapidly growing field of sport psychology. Athletes succeed through thousands of hours of grueling physical training. But at the professional level, physical ability is not always what separates the professionals from the champions. In fact, many pros are increasingly attributing their success to mental toughness. …continue reading


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You’ve heard it before—and have probably even said it before.

“Story of my life . . . ”

It’s the middle of a stretch of bad luck or bad outcomes, and one more unpleasant thing comes piling on. A flight gets canceled. An important client backs out of a meeting and takes his or her business to somebody else. A player is making the familiar walk from the shower to his locker the week before spring training ends and slips and breaks his wrist. …continue reading

Managing Anxiety

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The following is an excerpt from the book Life as Sport, by Dr. Jonathan Fader. 

The video is hilarious—unless you’re me.

It starts with me in the parking lot, raising my fists like I’ve just won the heavyweight championship of the world. You can hear the wind hard across the camera’s microphone and see the tall grass in the open airfield behind me getting blown horizontal. …continue reading

The Game of Life

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The following is an excerpt from the introduction of the book Life as Sport.

It’s your big moment. You have an important presentation to make.

You’re getting ready for a big date. Or you have a critical parenting decision to make. You need to be at your best, and you’re hoping your best abilities—and judgment—will be there. …continue reading