Can Elite Athletes’ Training Tips Help You Keep Your Focus?

In this video I speak with Fox News about my new book, Life As Sport, and athletes’ dedication to mental preparation in their performances. I explain how your ability to prepare mentally and face adversity with fact-based positivity will help you on or off the field. It’s important to focus on what we can control, i.e. what we do and what we think. Taking the focus off of the results and putting it onto the process is how you will find success.

How To Get Out of a Slump

In this video with Business Insider I talk about how elite athletes can reframe the way they think about “slumps” in their performance. By accepting a slump as a statistically acceptable aberration and a period for adjustment, elite athletes are more likely to get back in the zone and perform to the best of their ability.

Think Like a Professional Athlete

In this video clip I talk to Dr. Manny about my new book, Life as Sport, and how anyone can reach their goals using the skills taught to elite performers.

Athletes train not only physically, but mentally to compete against the best in their sport as well as themselves. Life As Sport details evidence-based techniques to calm yourself down and focus your efforts whether you’re on the playing field, the training floor or at home with your kids.

Through positive self-talk, it’s possible to accept defeats as an inevitable part of life and shape them into learning experiences. Surfer Laird Hamilton, in addition to other athletic professionals, promote positive self-talk and enjoyment in Life As Sport.

What is Mental Toughness?

What Is Mental Toughness

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

We’ve all heard this at some point in our lives. But aside from being a sports movie cliché, it also happens to get at the core of the rapidly growing field of sport psychology. Athletes succeed through thousands of hours of grueling physical training. But at the professional level, physical ability is not always what separates the professionals from the champions. In fact, many pros are increasingly attributing their success to mental toughness. …continue reading